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Facebook May Launch New Application Called Bolt

Facebook may be developing a new instant messaging application called Bolt

It seems that the guys on Facebook still have the firm intention of being a reference in the world of social applications and good proof of this is what is new about the guys from Menlo Park: Bolt .

Nothing is confirmed at the moment, but judging by the numerous appearances on Instagram, everything points to the fact that we may soon be able to enjoy a new instant messaging application made by the guys on Facebook under the name Bolt .

Facebook May Launch New Application Called Bolt
Facebook May Launch New Application Called Bolt

Recently, some Android users will have seen a message appear on Instagram in the popular photo social network app where they were invited to download a new and mysterious application called Bolt . The message said: ” One tap photo messaging “, something like ” One tap photo messaging.

Instagram shows the announcement of a mysterious app called Bolt, will it be the new thing on Facebook?

When Android users clicked on the ad they were automatically directed to Google Play, however, as expected, the Bolt application was not available in the app store and therefore could not be downloaded.

This has undoubtedly made us reflect and come to the unquestionable conclusion that the social network is developing a new application in the style of Snapchat but in which voice messages and photos would go hand in hand . In fact, this idea wouldn’t be so far-fetched as we remember that Facebook recently launched an application called Slingshot, which was predisposed to compete with the most popular ephemeral messaging app of the moment: Snapchat.

Apparently, Facebook would be desperate to buy Snapchat and seeing the refusal of Evan Spiegel, creator of the popular application, they decided to launch Slingshot to the app stores and now they might be thinking of fighting back with a new application: Bolt .

Is it a new Facebook bug or is it your new advertising platform?

Going back to the ad that appeared to some Android users when they were browsing the Instagram app, we can say that a few minutes after that appearance, the ad banners were completely removed and now they no longer appear on Instagram. We don’t know if it was published by mistake or if it was simply a test of the new advertising platform that Facebook recently introduced.

Whether it’s advertising or not, it’s clear that Facebook has something in the works and we’re likely to discover it soon . At the moment, the little we know is that, as the guys from iSpazio say, the giant could be preparing a new app named Bolt that would consist of sending and receiving voice messages with images . While we wait to see what FB has in store for us, we let you discover Slingshot:

Do you think Bolt could work? , do you think it will be a new Facebook app?

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