Facebook May Include Advertising on Instagram in Brief

Facebook would have reached an agreement with Omnicom for 100 million dollars to incorporate ads in Instagram

Facebook has shown that it has taken a liking to this business of buying big companies. Bridging the gap with the recent acquisition of WhatsApp, the purchase of Instagram by the king of social networking was also widely publicised at the time and, of course, there was no shortage of theories blaming Facebook for the upcoming Instagram debacle.

Almost a year later, Instagram seems to have remained virtually unchanged despite the purchase by Facebook . It is true that some new features have been added, but nothing that breaks with the aesthetics and operation that have characterized the social network of photography since its inception. However, the new rumours that have appeared suggest that this could soon change.

Facebook May Include Advertising on Instagram in Brief
Facebook May Include Advertising on Instagram in Brief

It seems that Facebook could have reached an important agreement with the company Omnicom: no more and no less than 100 million dollars for inserting advertising in Instagram . Doing the numbers quickly, we will realize that this figure alone represents about 10% of the total value it cost Facebook to get Instagram, so it is quite clear that, should the possible deal be closed, it would be very beneficial to the company.

Until now, the means by which Instagram was funded was not entirely clear, let alone how Facebook was going to recover the $1 billion investment it had made . If the rumored deal were to be closed, it would not take Facebook long to get a return on the colossal investment.

Facebook could make a return on investment through advertising agreement with Omnicom

For the moment, we can only wait to see if the Ad Age story is true, but if it is, it will feed all those rumors that Facebook could implement advertising on WhatsApp , something that, with 500 million unique users worldwide, could become a major source of revenue for the big F.

As we’ve seen in BGR, what happens to Instagram is probably a reflection of what’s to come on WhatsApp. Of course, from the point of view of a user of both platforms, I want Facebook not to incorporate any kind of advertising either in our Instagram wall or in WhatsApp, and if it does, I hope it will be in the least intrusive way possible .

Do you think that Facebook will finally include advertising on both platforms?

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