Facebook Live Updates and Receives New Features

It is very clear that Facebook wants to give a good boost to the videos that are shared and that have been created from the social network itself . And good proof of this is that from the most used social network in the world they have announced new features to make this happen, shortly after including new functions for people with visual impairments.

These new features, which will be available in iOS over the next few weeks, will allow users to create live video for a group or page. Thanks to this new feature, all users will be able to start a live broadcast and share it only with the people or groups they choose , as the connection will be visible only to them.

Facebook Live Updates and Receives New Features
Facebook Live Updates and Receives New Features

On the other hand, if we do a little memory, we will remember that Facebook included the “reactions” for the images some months ago. Thanks to this function, which has now been included in the live videos , users have the possibility to show other emotions such as joy, sadness, anger, love or amazement, apart from the classic “I like it”.

Users who broadcast live content also have new features, such as the ability to apply filters to the image, include text overlays or make other freehand annotations with a pen . On the other hand, streaming videos include a new button that offers users the ability to invite their contacts to join in watching the video.

Users who decide to follow a live event will have the possibility to answer comments and make short loops of a particular part of the video . The guys on Facebook have clarified that they added the responses to comments on this type of content after discovering that there are 10 times more comments on a live video than on a regularly shared video.

On the other hand, we will also have a new tab for discovering live transmissions , in the same way that some music and video apps allow us to start an explorer mode. Thanks to this, as they point out from PhoneArena, users will be able to find broadcasts that deal with those topics that are of their interest and subscribe only to those in particular.

What do you think about the new features that Facebook wants to include in its streaming video tool?

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