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Facebook launches its iPad application


From a section enabled for this purpose, Facebook has announced the arrival of the application for the iPad on its website.

Facebook launches its iPad application
Facebook launches its iPad application

It is not really a new application, it is an update of the current version of the App Store which becomes universal and therefore compatible with all Apple devices at the same time . Although these are all similarities since the version for the iPad has a radically different design and at first glance improves what we already know. The main new features are:

  • New image and album display with a design similar to that of the iPad’s integrated Photo application.
  • Messages and chats gathered under a single interface and accessible from any point of the application
  • Support for all external Facebook games and applications from within the application.
  • Quick access to the service’s notification system

The application is now available for download . Remember that this is the same link as the iPhone app as it is a universal application.

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