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Facebook is completely updated for iOS

Today is being quite busy in terms of updates. If this afternoon we were pleasantly surprised by the first OS X Mountain Lion update, now it’s Facebook’s turn for iOS. The application has been completely renewed, offering double speed and instant photo upload from our iDevices. With this update, Facebook wants to squeeze the full potential of our iPhone, iPod or iPod touch.

The new Facebook application for iOS has been completely redesigned to take full advantage of all the native tools of our iDevices . As we said some time ago, it was leaked that Apple developers were working side by side with Facebook developers to completely reprogram the app. Today we can taste the result of this union.

Facebook is completely updated for iOS
Facebook is completely updated for iOS

Now, this new version 5.0 starts twice as fast. Accessing the latest publications and opening photos is much faster than its previous version. This is because the code is native Objective C, and not because of the inclusion of an embedded web version . Here’s the list of new features:

  • Applications open quickly: the application has been completely redesigned, so it now opens much faster and new feeds and notifications load as soon as you open Facebook
  • Improved scrolling: as you scroll down, the conversation history loads much faster. A banner informs you of new posts, which you can access by clicking on it so you don’t miss out on the latest news.
  • Instant photo upload: clicking on any photo will open it immediately and, to close it, a simple touch is enough.

According to Facebook, the highlight of this update is the increased speed of opening the application, scrolling through publications and uploading photos. In fact, the photos load instantly .

The free update is already available on the App Store, so it’s already taking a while to download.

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