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Facebook Home was designed with the Xcode development environment

Facebook surprises us once again with its new Facebook Home. The person in charge of its design, Julie Zhuo, has told us some of the secrets behind the creation of its interface. Although we all would have thought that Photoshop was used to make the prototypes, it was QuartzComposer, integrated in Apple’s Xcode that helped the developers create the Home interface.

That Apple’s tools and software are the best is no secret to anyone. However, knowing that some proposals designed for other manufacturers have been prepared under Apple’s development environment is ironic to say the least.

Facebook Home was designed with the Xcode development environment
Facebook Home was designed with the Xcode development environment

This is the case with Facebook Home , which, although it is not planned to be released on iOS -at least not in the way it has been done on Android-, was prototyped in Quartz Composer , the visual development environment that is part of Xcode. Xcode is a set of applications that allows you to create software for OS X and iOS, although Facebook has used one of its components to design an interface like Facebook Home.

Although they previously said that would probably use a program like Photoshop to make a prototype of the interface, is not the best tool in an age where applications respond dynamically to the physics of phones and their sensors. However, Quartz Composer can . So said Julie Zhuo, the director of product design at Facebook:

After all this it is surprising to see how a tool like QuartzComposer, which is designed to work with Xcode projects has been used to make the prototypes of an interface , and according to Facebook is the best of the best for designing interfaces, leaving proposals from other manufacturers at the level of bitumen. And the best thing is that Xcode is free, while Adobe’s suite is worth thousands of euros, can you ask for more?

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