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Facebook could be developing its own smartphone

Rumors are back about Facebook’s entry into the world of mobile telephony. But this time in a straightforward way. It seems that according to reports and news coming from the US media, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is hiring former Apple engineers to be part of the development of a smartphone under the brand name Facebook.

Facebook is a company that has not stopped expanding since its birth. Proof of this are the many rumors that constantly and in a continuous trickle, reach us about it. One of the most insistent refers to the alleged interest that Mark Zuckerberg’s company could have in entering the mobile phone market directly, with its own device. Thus, from some prestigious American media, these rumors are fed even more, as a report was leaked this weekend stating that Facebook is planning to launch its own smartphone to the market over the next year.

Facebook could be developing its own smartphone
Facebook could be developing its own smartphone

To achieve this, is looking for qualified personnel to help complete the work and has recruited a number of former Apple engineers who worked on the development of products such as the iPhone and iPad. As reported in the New York Times

According to the indications, is one more attempt by Facebook to build a smartphone . Until now, the most that Facebook had managed to do directly on a terminal was, in an agreement with the Thai company HTC, the creation of a “Facebook” button on the HTC ChaChaCha smartphone, with which to facilitate the function for sharing content.

Now the company based in San Francisco, and after going through technical difficulties, has decided to help professionals with experience in the sector , and therefore is looking for engineers and other staff with previous experience in mobile telephony.

Facebook’s interest in the telephony market comes from far away, especially because it has already developed applications for almost all existing platforms, at least the most important ones, to which we can add purchases that it has made, such as Instagram, Lightbox or the incipient interest in buying the Opera browser, which would make it join companies with their own browser, such as Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, etc. The final reason, it seems, is to have total control over the platform . In the words of a Facebook employee:

We must be vigilant to see what the company’s movements are. In addition, after its dazzling IPO and subsequent downgrade, the following actions are expected to be carried out with more interest . In particular, and this is a personal opinion, I think that Facebook has reached its peak and like everything that goes up it must come down. We will be watching.

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