Facebook compra Moves

A few minutes ago our colleagues at Xombit told us, Facebook has taken over Moves. This application was one of the first to take advantage of the M7 chip in the iPhone 5s with an excellent yet simple interface.

With Moves, it is one of the many applications that have been released to take advantage of the iPhone 5s motion coprocessor, but it is also one of the few that has taken advantage of every opportunity to grow. This is something that Mark Zuckerberg has realized, so has not hesitated to acquire the company ProtoGeo Oy, in charge of the app .

Facebook compra Moves
Facebook compra Moves

As we have mentioned before, the application records all the activity and movement we do with our iPhone 5s on a daily basis, but it is also available for Android, as it is compatible with the main terminals with the Google operating system.

The future of the company appears to be the same as that of WhatsApp after the acquisition by Facebook, i.e. to continue operating independently without Facebook interfering . Curious about Facebook, it seems that they seek to create a conglomerate of services to capture all possible markets, without interfering with the services it acquires, it is enough for them -for now- to be the owners.

Moves Moves joins Facebook!

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