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Facebook Closes Its API and Gains Trust Among Its Users

All of us Facebook users are regularly confronted with a large number of external applications that know our data. But the biggest problem is not the information we can provide to any app, but the data of our friends who dump on them. Facebook wants to control this situation and is shutting down access to its API in order to generate more trust among users .

It is very surprising that we are not riding on anger every time a similar situation arises. We should be much more demanding when it comes to protecting our data and those of our friends . The truth is that third party applications are becoming less intrusive but still somewhat annoying.

The new Facebook system

Facebook Closes Its API and Gains Trust Among Its Users
Facebook Closes Its API and Gains Trust Among Its Users

All applications created from April 20, 2014 meet the new requirements that Facebook wants to implement. In the F8 that the social network made very recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was going to close his previous API system in order to give more privacy to his users . The new Facebook API 2.0 will be launched on April 30th of this year. In light of the changes, the social network has already reviewed a total of more than 5,000 third-party applications and we hope that our own privacy will no longer be violated.

Find out about the most important news that Facebook launched at F8.

The Facebook Intention

Simon Cruz announced to all the journalists present that Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new guideline for his social network, ” People First “. The founder of the social network is very clear that people first and therefore believes that there should be no users who are not comfortable using Facebook. What’s more, everyone should trust their privacy when they sign up for any third-party application or program using their Facebook profile.

Facebook has done a lot of research asking many of its users, asking about their trust in Facebook . The data led Mark Zuckerberg to a clear premise, the social network ecosystem can only be maintained if people are happy. For all users to be in that situation, the privacy of their data must be perfectly controlled.

Changing the face of users

The biggest change from the new Facebook API that we’re going to feel for all of us on the ground should influence how we edit our data on a custom basis. Third-party applications should give us more options so that our data and our friends’ data does not circulate on the web without control . The permissions we give to these external apps should be only as we want them to be. Or do you not control the permissions of the apps that access your data on your iPhone? We need to have as much control over our privacy as possible.

Facebook has announced the closure of many friend applications if they do not adapt to the new API of the social network. The guys at The Next Web have informed us about the closure, but it is very true that Facebook has always tried to give priority to users over developers. Will it always be the same? Will their profits be affected? We’ll see.

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