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Facebook and Instagram now have a filter to remove political ads

The impact of what is declared and public on social networks has had a special impact on the electoral processes of recent years and in precisely one election year in the United States, Facebook has taken the decision to include a filter to remove political ads on the platform

The ability to disable political ads will apply to candidates’ political, electoral and social affairs ads, which in addition must be displayed with the “Paid for” notice , after their appearance

Facebook and Instagram now have a filter to remove political ads
Facebook and Instagram now have a filter to remove political ads

The measure that will also impact the content of this type on Instagram has been announced this Wednesday by the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in an interview with USA Today. There, Zuckerberg spoke about the reasons for the decision to join:

“Everyone wants to see politicians responsible for what they say, and I know that many people want us to moderate and remove more content. We have rules against speech that will cause imminent physical harm or suppress voting, and no one is exempt from But accountability only works if we can see what those who seek our votes are saying, even if we viscerally dislike what they are saying”.

“Ultimately, I believe that the best way to hold politicians accountable is through voting, and I believe that we should trust the voters to make judgments for themselves. That is why I believe we must keep a platform as open as possible, accompanied by ambitious efforts to encourage voter participation.

As explained in the company’s blog, the option will appear for users directly in any political advertisement that appears on the two platforms owned by Facebook. Users will also be able to hide ads by clicking on the ad or accessing a new menu option in any of the application’s ad settings.

The possibility of removing political ads is now available in the United States . And according to Facebook this scope could be extended in the coming weeks, in countries where it has application in ads on social issues, elections and politics.

Also focused on U.S. election events, the company announced the creation of a Voting Information Center will be displayed at the top of the Facebook News and Instagram and will provide information on how and where to vote, as well as how to register to vote and how to vote by mail. Users can also activate alerts that will remind them to vote and direct them to the polling places when voting begins in November. And he wrote about it in a statement:

Now, it only remains to wait if the filters proposed by Facebook manage to diminish the impact of the political information that circulated on the platforms prior to an electoral process and that many times have been accused of containing false news.