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First came WhatsApp, then the rest…

With the arrival of the WhatsApp on the App Store, the world of communication changed radically . SMS depreciated and consumption in minutes decreased, increasing the megabytes of internet charges. After this application, many others came out with similar performance , but changing certain aspects to differentiate themselves and be able to compete with the giant of instant messaging.

Of all of them, the one that could be most competitive is Line, although it is not up to WhatsApp; the first application has 10 million users in Spain , compared to 25 million in the second one. But let’s see what’s similar and what’s different about them.

Line vs. WhatsApp: Simplicity vs. complexity

Face to Face Messaging Apps
Face to Face Messaging Apps

As soon as we open the applications we can appreciate the first thing that makes them different: the design. While WhatsApp follows the design of iOS 7, with its simplicity and minimalism , Line has its own style that can be a little more complex when it comes to using it.

At WhatsApp, it is true that we have far fewer options to customize the application, and we can only change the chat wallpaper, our profile picture and status. Line, on the other hand, has chosen to give its users more freedom and to be able to customize almost every detail with downloadable themes and stickers.

Line has been offering calls through the application to other users for some time now

The second thing we look at is what each one offers us. Line at the moment has an aspect in its favour that makes it stand out: offers its users the possibility of making calls to others . WhatsApp doesn’t offer this at the moment, although we’ve already heard that it will be before the end of 2014.

Otherwise, the apps have similar services, although with WhatsApp we have the limitation of 16MB per file and with Line we don’t. In addition, the sticker application has a section that is very similar to a social network , as there is a wall where you can read what other users are writing as well as what you can share.

The controversy with user data security

This issue is on the agenda and it seems that there is not a week that does not see a news item on this subject. The truth is that WhatsApp is always in the spotlight with this issue, either because it has more users or because its popularity makes it on the hacker’s agenda.

Line has also had its problems with this issue, and has also had some scandal because the privacy or security of its users has been compromised. For example, in Asia there was a theft of accounts and third parties were able to access other people’s conversations and send messages and learn information about users. In addition, it also faced another vulnerability on its system when its protection and encryption codes became known, allowing hackers to sneak into conversations.

WhatsApp or Line?

The truth is that both applications, as we have seen, have quite similar services , and the details may be what makes us decide on one or the other.

Although the main question that will make us decide to use mainly one will be the number of people in our agenda who use the application . For this reason, WhatsApp will be a winner because, why lie to us, many more people have this application as their main tool for keeping in touch with friends, acquaintances or family.

Which one do you get, WhatsApp or Line?

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