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Face to face between an Apple and Samsung user

Again, we have another episode where Samsung makes fun of Apple users and fans. As such, one begins to get fed up with being treated as a non-personality. That’s why I want to remind the South Korean company of its roots, and to whom it owes the fame of its products.

Just yesterday we told you in Applesupportphonenumber how Samsung was once again making fun of Apple, or more specifically of its clients, fans and followers. This time, they did it in a big way by presenting an ad at the Super Bowl sporting event, which lasted more than a minute.

Face to face between an Apple and Samsung user
Face to face between an Apple and Samsung user

The theme, the same as in previous ads. Laughing at the users of the apple waiting in line for the launch of a new product. Suddenly, a Samsung customer with a Galaxy Note appears and seduces the members of the queue, who leave the queue to try out the “magnificent” phone of the rival company.

Far from holding back, I want to make it clear that this is a personal opinion piece that may not reflect the general thinking of the blog .

Samsung enters the smartphone era

I’m an Apple user because I was captivated years ago by the complete revolution in the mobile phone market, and I say without a shadow of a doubt that I’m proud of it to this day. At that time, Samsung was competing with Nokia without any success. Their only efforts were based on making similar products, but never thought about innovating the sector . However, Apple arrived, led by Steve Jobs, and imposed the path that other manufacturers would label as suicide, but would quickly run to follow.

In this journey, Samsung decided to quickly bet on the novelty presented by Apple, which saw in the smartphone market a great opportunity to grow. However, in the absence of experience and manufacturing, the simplest thing for the company was to plagiarize the iPhone , and to bring out a very similar product without any hitches.

Thus was born the Galaxy range , in the image and likeness of the iPhone. From the first to the last, there is no gadget with this collection that does not have clear influences from smartphones or tablets in the apple, even in the final finish. That denotes a strong distrust in oneself, unable to follow a business model of their own.

First let’s copy, then we’ll humiliate them

You may like it more or less, but this is the only reality that Samsung reflects to the world.

Today, Samsung wouldn’t have the importance and recognition it has if it weren’t for Apple. If Cupertino had not invented the iPhone, the South Koreans would still be trying to outdo Nokia , engaged in a battle to get the smaller, thinner and less heavy mobile phone. If Apple hadn’t brought out the iPad, they wouldn’t be competing for the copy-based tablet market, because no one had previously bet fiercely on this sector. And what can hurt them most is that without Android they would be nobody .

Samsung knows their past very well, and the only tactic they have to get attention is to make noise. The best way is to make fun of the teacher . But not content with that, they go one step further by ridiculing Apple fans, labeling them as people without an opinion or personality. And that can no longer be tolerated.

Apple customer with personality

So I want to reflect my dissatisfaction as an Apple user. I keep buying apple products because there is nothing on the market that deserves me any comparison. Power is not everything, and for me iOS wins the battle against any rival and manufacturer , such as Nokia, RIM, LG or Samsung.

And let this be a comfort to many who speak with knowledge of the subject. I have tried Android and I envy you the possibility of customization that gives all your terminals, but nothing else. I’ve touched the Samsung Galaxy, and ignoring the clear plagiarism, it’s a very powerful phone that according to the hardware features surpasses even the iPhone.

Finally, I think that the Galaxy Note is still a brick A phone halfway between a smartphone and a tablet? No, thanks. Cumbersome as a mobile, small as a tablet.

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