Face ID with iOS 13 is 30% faster than before

Descarga los fondos de pantalla de iOS 13 en tu iPhone

Como se puede apreciar, Apple indica que iOS 13 es mucho más rápido que iOS 12 en muchas tareas, entre ellas el reconocimiento de Face ID que puede llegar a ser un 30% más rápido . Por supuesto esta característica solo la notarán los usuarios con un iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max o iPad Pro 2018.

Face ID with iOS 13 is 30% faster than before
Face ID with iOS 13 is 30% faster than before

Apple no ha especificado muy bien cómo ha conseguido esta mejora de rendimiento pero es bastante asombroso que sin una mejora de hardware la experiencia mejore con el tiempo.

Yesterday’s WWDC opening keynote lasted more than two hours and iOS and iPadOS took a big part of the spotlight, however there are many features still to be discovered . The first iOS 13 and iPadOS betas can now be installed and Apple has also unveiled some new features that we didn’t hear about yesterday.

One of these features is related to system speed, Apple indicates that it has made performance improvements and that users with an iPhone or iPad with Face ID will notice a big improvement in speed when unlocking their devices.

Yesterday’s event was full of surprises and Apple presented many new features, however there are some quite important ones that were not mentioned. One of them is the native mouse support for both iOS 13 and iPadOS , we have already tested it and left you our impressions.

Another of these improvements is related to Face ID and the speed with which the complex Apple 3D system recognizes us. According to the Bite Apple company on its iOS 13 website, Face ID devices will now recognize you 30% faster.

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