Face ID is fooled again by a mask and this time without a doubt

Face ID has been searched for every possible flaw, even the most absurd ones, just to make an example of Apple. Face ID has already been fooled by twins, mother and son and even a mask. With the mask there was a lot of conflict in mid-November as we told you in Apple5x1. On this occasion, the Vietnamese company Bkav has returned to solve all the doubts that could exist of this method of deception to the Face ID, which were many.

This time this company has returned with another video to fool Face ID again but this time without leaving any loose ends, and with some variations in the method . The video starts by checking that Face ID works with the protagonist of this video, setting it up from scratch, who will be the person recreated in the mask, as we see in the following video.

Face ID is fooled again by a mask and this time without a doubt
Face ID is fooled again by a mask and this time without a doubt

This mask is made by a 3D printer with stone dust and also has 2D image pasted in the eye area to make them real eyes and simulate they are looking at the cameras to unlock the terminal. The price of this one is about $200.

Once Face ID is reset, it tries to unlock with the mask and without any failure, all this with the mode offered by Apple of having to look at the cameras to be able to unlock the iPhone , something that offers more security to the user and improves Face ID . The eyes created in 2D have given quite a bit of a hit and have made this possible very quickly without leaving any doubt.

The manufacturers themselves have said that the manufacturing process is relatively simple and with a few simple photos they can recreate a model of this type. Here Apple has a serious problem, although I do not think many people want to create a mask with this perfection to jump the Face ID of your friend or partner’s iPhone.

What do you think of this video 2.0 of this method of cheating the Apple facial recognition system?

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