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Face ID and Touch ID on the same iPhone according to an Apple patent

If we talk about the unlocking method of an iPhone, the Touch ID introduced in 2013 on the iPhone 5s or the current Face ID which was introduced last year with the iPhone X comes to mind. Both systems are still in use today, but on different handsets without one that includes both.

A patent registered by Apple was issued today detailing a new method of unlocking the iPhone in which both Touch ID and Face ID could be used on a single device.

Can Face ID and Touch ID live together on the same iPhone?

Face ID and Touch ID on the same iPhone according to an Apple patent
Face ID and Touch ID on the same iPhone according to an Apple patent

There are devices on the market that have several biometric factors to be unlocked. For example, Samsung’s top-of-the-range Galaxies allow unlocking by fingerprint, iris recognition or facial recognition. For its part Apple has not yet included its two biometric methods in the same terminal as Touch ID coexists in the classic iPhone design while Face ID is included in the X, XS and XR.

Face ID and Touch ID

Today we have been able to learn from an Apple patent identified by Patently Apple that the company has registered a dual recognition system that would implement both Touch ID and Face ID. This patent begins by describing the problems detected in current 2D facial recognition systems:

“Techniques to implement biometric authentication using electronic devices are generally cumbersome. For example, some existing techniques, such as those aimed at facial recognition, require the user to almost perfectly align a biometric function in the same way during enrollment and each iteration of authentication.

Misalignment of the biometric feature often results in false recognition, resulting in a user having to optionally perform multiple biometric authentication iterations unnecessarily or not directly use it”.

Due to this “cumbersome” system, Apple opted in 2017 for its TrueDepth camera system that allows the use of 3D images and makes your Face ID more efficient. However, the registered patent raises the possibility that this is combined with Touch ID in the future so that if the first fails is the second that directly unlocks the device.

Do you do ID in the Apple Watch?

Apple’s patent also mentions the possibility of using facial recognition technology in an intelligent clock . Since the current Apple Watch does not have a camera, it is believed that Face ID could be implemented in a future generation of Apple watches. We recall that a few weeks ago we learned of another patent describing a camera in the Watch.

As we always say when we know about a new patent, there is no thought that Apple will implement this novelty in the future . It is a real possibility since if it is patented it is because we work on it but many patents are registered every year and not all of them are finally implemented.

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