F.A.A. May Allow Use of iPad on Airplanes

If you are a frequent flyer, you will know that during takeoffs and landings you are required to keep your iPad and/or other tablet (or other electronic device) for several minutes, even though the use of such devices has not been proven to be harmful to the plane.

The F.A.A. is considering allowing the use of electronic devices in the take-off and landing of aircraft

However, this could change, as the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration) is considering relaxing the rules regarding the use of electronics on board aircraft. According to reports in Padgadget, a group of people has been set up to study the issue and it seems that the F.A.A. hopes to change the rules by the end of this year.

F.A.A. May Allow Use of iPad on Airplanes
F.A.A. May Allow Use of iPad on Airplanes

The F.A.A. announced last year that a group, which includes workers from several relevant sectors, such as Amazon, the Consumer Electronics Association, Boeing and a few others, would investigate the safety of using electronic devices such as the iPad during flight.

Although passengers are obliged to turn off electronic devices (and we remind you that this means turning them off completely, not putting them in sleep mode) , tablets can be used in the cockpit of pilots and flight attendants in all phases of flight, which does not make much sense.

This rule came into effect in 2011, when the F.A.A. approved the use of the iPad during flight to replace expensive and heavy paper manuals. To ensure F.A.A. approval, American Airlines conducted a 6-month trial that included thousands of hours of evaluation of the iPad as a replacement device.

With tablets such as the iPad becoming increasingly popular, the use of electronics during flight has become a controversial issue. Recently, Senator Claire McCaskill pledged to introduce legislation allowing the use of electronic devices in all phases of flight, and F.C.C. President, Julius Genachowski , wrote a letter to the F.A.A. urging them to allow electronic devices on planes. In the words of McCaskill :

Hopefully, by the end of 2013, using devices like the iPad during a flight will no longer be a problem.

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