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Extreme Landings, the great plane simulator for iPad

One of the most outstanding features of the iPad is the ability to play games with good graphics resolution and without performance problems thanks to the excellent optimization of iOS. Extreme Landings is a video game ideal for fans of flight simulators. Capable of creating a complete user immersion that will make you feel like a real airplane pilot.

From private jets to futuristic planes, the player will be able to operate different devices, thus experiencing the various operations involved in each one of them. Likewise, the user will accumulate flight hours so he will increase the category of pilot. In turn, you can consult at any time which have been their best brands.

Advanced Training

Extreme Landings, the great plane simulator for iPad
Extreme Landings, the great plane simulator for iPad

The game presents a series of progressive missions that will allow the pilot to acquire a greater skill , being able to fly a plane with skill in the worst case scenario.

On the other hand, the training consists of different landing tests such as: hard landings, soft landings, precise landings… in different places in the world. Another option available to the pilot is the ability to increase the degree of mechanical failure , looking for a real feat in the user.

Full Flight

The flight simulator is a very attractive and entertaining feature found in the game. It allows the player to have the possibility to make a complete flight , to choose between the different airports available in the simulator where one wants to take off or land, as well as allowing the player to configure different aspects of the flight among which they are:

  • Choose the weather or opt for the actual weather of the airspace to be flown.
  • Select the fuel level of the aircraft.
  • Assign the level of mechanical failures.
  • Choose the amount of weight or passengers on the plane.

In the following video you can see the manageability of the game and the sense of realism it conveys. You can also appreciate the very accomplished sounds that it has implemented.

Other Options

The content of this game is quite extensive, since in the App Store, the user will be able to find different expansions that will allow to improve his experience and game feeling.

Among the additional content we find:

  • Planes from different periods.
  • New airports.
  • Extreme weather conditions.
  • Technical problems applicable to aircraft.
  • Full flight simulator.

All this content can be purchased individually or in different packs to suit the consumer.

If you have not yet downloaded the game Extreme Landings , you can download it for free from the App Store, although it comes with additional purchases inside the application.

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