evolution in macOS 10.16 with Catalyst

The use of the Messages application is practically non-existent if we leave the USA and especially in macOS. The abandonment to which this version of the messaging app has been subjected in Mac wants to be solved in the future generation of operating system. A new leak points to the possible plans Apple has with this application.

This would be Messages in MacOS 10.16

Many of the details and features of iOS 14 were leaked several months ago. The future generation of software for our iPhone was released before its official presentation next month. But that’s not where the filtering stopped, as evidence of the future of the Messages application has been found in macOS today.

evolution in macOS 10.16 with Catalyst
evolution in macOS 10.16 with Catalyst

Right now the Messages application in iOS and macOS have nothing to do with it. The functions of animojis or stickers and even extensions found in iOS cannot be used in the macOS app. This is going to end up changing in the next generation of the operating system. As seen in the iOS 14 code, Apple is working on a port of the iOS app to macOS within Catalyst . Although this practice has been done within the iOS ecosystem, it has never been applied to native macOS applications. In the case of iTunes, Apple chose to defragment it into several applications, but with nothing to do with the one present in iOS.

With this port the Messages application in iOS and macOS will be identical, making it possible to use many more functions. From the Mac from this update could be sent stickers to contacts and even make use of the extensions that include third party developers. These extensions include iMessage-compatible games that make conversations with friends much more fun.

This is not the only advantage it presents, since if the same application is on different operating systems, its updating and evolution is much easier. Apple thus does not have to work on an update for the iOS app and another update for the macOS app. Everything is simplified and in the end users can end up winning.

Will we use more Messages?

The Messages application has fallen into disuse especially in macOS as it does not receive text messages. If we leave the U.S. we see how the use of this app is very diminished because in countries like Spain is hardly used iMessage. This is not the case in the USA where this messaging service is very widespread, encouraged by Apple’s market share.

In Spain it is difficult to find a family or a group of friends who have an iPhone in their hands. The great diversity of ecosystems makes it difficult to get used to sending messages through iMessage. That’s why this update that will seek to get users to use more Messages in some countries will not have much impact. In other countries like the USA, it will surely get users to use this native macOS application.

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