Evidence of Split-Screen Multitasking Discovered in iOS 8

Finally, split-screen multitasking was not introduced in WWDC

Many iOS users have been complaining to the apple company that two applications can be used at the same time . This could be achieved by the option of a multitasking with split screen , where we could see both applications at once and run them without any problems.

The possibility of this new option began to be rumoured a few days before WWDC14 . Many were the ones who started to applaud this new addition and these were the ones who were disappointed when, first, speculation started about the possibility that it could not be presented and, second, when finally no reference was made to it during the keynote .

Evidence of Split-Screen Multitasking Discovered in iOS 8
Evidence of Split-Screen Multitasking Discovered in iOS 8

But even if this possible new feature has not been officially presented, it does not mean that at the time of the release of the final version of iOS 8 it has not been incorporated. It would not be the first time that Apple is including new options in the betas and finally incorporating them in the final version that reaches the users. Although, honestly, in this case and taking into account that it is a very expected feature we don’t think that something like this can happen. Apple would announce this option with great fanfare.

A developer talks about a code to dwarf applications

Now, the publication on the social network of the 140 characters of an iOS application developer has thrown more light on this issue and seems a means to confirm (unofficially of course), that in the future we could enjoy split-screen multitasking on our iPads .

Specifically, Steven Troughton-Smith, author of the tweet, comments that code has been included that allows applications to run side by side in various sizes . These could be seen in 14, 12 or 34.

The iPad Air would be the first device where the new feature could be enjoyed

It seems that the first iDevice in which you could enjoy this new supposed function would be in the latest iPad model , the Air, since it is the one with the biggest screen and best technical features (especially in terms of processor).

This new feature could also mean that Apple could be preparing a device with a larger screen where you can enjoy this feature more comfortably . In fact, it could be that the split screen of the multitasking is also being prepared for the possible iPad Pro, the tablet that Apple could launch and that, supposedly, would mount a 12.9 inch screen.

But for the moment it seems that the iPad Air is the one chosen to test the new function, although it is not ruled out that in a future can also be made with the other mobile devices that carry iOS and as we can read in MacRumors, the iPad Mini Retina would be the perfect candidate, since in terms of technical features it is practically identical to the iPad Air (with the exception of the screen size).

What do you think about iOS 8 including the split screen multitasking option? Of course, it’s about time we had something like that on our iPads.

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