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everything you need to know to squeeze it from minute zero

A few hours ago, the apple company officially launched Clips, their new free application with which we can edit and create entertaining videos to share on different platforms. As we mentioned before, it is not a social network, but an app with which we can add filters, stickers, text in various styles, emojis, and other elements to our videos .

The application allows you to edit from a video you already have saved on your reel, to one you record on the fly. The idea is that you dictate the text you want to appear on it, choose the filters you want and finally you can share it wherever you want or save it in the photo library of your iOS device.

everything you need to know to squeeze it from minute zeroeverything you need to know to squeeze it from minute zero

If you want to know how the app works and what options you have to make your videos more entertaining , below we share a guide with some recommendations that you should follow to get the most out of the benefits offered by this new Apple application.

Overview of ‘Clips’

When we open Clips we find the main window that invites us to record a video, capture a photograph or choose a content from our library. In order to record a video we will have to press and hold the red button located in the center of the screen . It is important to note that the app allows us to eliminate the ambient sound, as well as record with the rear or front camera of the device.

If we choose a video from the Photo Library, we will also have to press the red button to record the clip in the application . Here we can also choose to remove or keep the ambient sound. If you have a long video and don’t want to upload it all to Clips, you can release the red button at any time and only the part you want will be recorded.

The idea of Clips is that not only can we edit a simple video using emojis, text or filters, but also we can make our own clips with the help of videos or photos that we have on the reel , and with new videos that we can create with the application’s camera.

Therefore, when recording the video from the reel or from the application, we will find a kind of timeline at the bottom of Clips , which will show you how your final video is looking like. Remember that if you upload several clips, the application will offer you the possibility to mute or leave the ambient sound, as well as choose filters, emojis and even cut each of them separately.

Live Titles

One of the most interesting features of Clips is the possibility we have to dictate to the application the text we want to appear in the video we are recording . To be able to dictate, we have to go to the bullet tab that is located at the top left of the screen.

Once there, we will have to press the red button while dictating the phrase or word we want to see in the clip. However, it is important to deactivate the sound button if we do not want our dictating voice to also be part of the soundtrack of our video.

Filters, stickers, emojis and soundtrack

Ya puedes descargar Clips, el nuevo intento de Apple para estar presente en las redes sociales

In total, Clips offers us seven filters to change the appearance of our videos. Therefore, we can choose between the chrome, ink, comic, faded, transfer, snapshot and film noir filters, which are located in the three circles that are located in the top center of the window.

After this, we can go to the star located at the top right, and there we will not only find some text stickers, but also by sliding our finger from right to left we will have at our disposal a small group of emojis that will help us to make our clip more entertaining.

Finally, if we prefer to use a background song to enhance our video, in Clips we have at our disposal a small sound library so that we can choose the one we like best. We only have to go to the musical note located at the top right and there we will find the soundtrack folder. Clips also allow us to choose between the songs we have stored in our mobile.

And that’s it! Once we’ve gone through all these features, we’ll just need to check how the video looks before saving it on the reel or sharing it on social networks. It’s important to note that the app allows you to zoom in on each of the clips, so you can customise your creations even more.

And you have already installed Clips on your iOS device? What do you think of this new Apple-owned app? As always, the comment area is waiting for your feedback.

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