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Everything we’ve seen about what iOS 7 will look like is not true

Everything that’s leaked so far is fake. We don’t know if they’ve simply been fakes as usual, or if Apple has wanted to make a fool of itself by spreading false rumours. No one outside of Infinite Loop knows what’s coming up today. We can sense that there must be a change, that the design and operation of many things will change, but we have no idea where. John Gruber gives us some insight.

With just a few hours to go before the inaugural keynote of this year’s WWDC, we have received statements from John Gruber . I’m sure many of you know that he has already predicted Apple products in the past and he’s dedicated himself to animating the Daring Fireball blog. In his last podcast of The Talk Show he launched some pearls.

Everything we’ve seen about what iOS 7 will look like is not true
Everything we’ve seen about what iOS 7 will look like is not true

These statements actually encourage one. More or less as Gruber says from the keynote of the original iPhone that we have come to know the contents of the keynote sooner or later. What’s more, last year Apple showed Gruber the Mountain Lion for the first time and privately, and this year they’ve reserved it for him.

He himself reminds us in his blog of what Tim Cook said to Walt Mossberg also a year ago in the interviews of All Things Digital, in reference to the question about new products:

And so it has. From what we’ve seen so far it’s all false and we can only make assumptions about what we expect and believe Apple will present, or in any case, what it would have to present to face the competition. All we know is that Jony Ive is leading the iOS and OS X design team and that something is going to change, but nobody outside of Apple knows what and how.

Gruber also drops a phrase from Steve Jobs 10 years ago to focus us during WWDC, that not everything is as it shines on the outside:

So from here he makes a very simple approach: the original iPhone was developed for a world where there was no iPhone . The smartphones had a scroll wheel and the computer interfaces were operated with a mouse and trackpad. As Gruber says, Apple did not invent the touch screen but introduced it en masse in the smartphone , creating a new and humanized interface.

Today we already live in the era of the smartphone . Everyone, everywhere you look, is using their fingers on a touch screen, so we can remove the wheels to iOS. So now we just have to wait for Applesupportphonenumber’s live tracking to start at 6pm this evening.

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