Everything we know (or think we know) so far

‘We have one more thing’ . That was the phrase with which Tim Cook began to unveil the long-awaited smart watch under the apple company’s brand in September 2014 . Two years later, rumours have it that Cupertino’s firm could soon introduce the successor to his first smartwatch, and that he will possibly do so again during his September keynote.

In the last weeks the rumors related to the new generation of the Apple Watch have taken more strength, that’s why in Apple we gathered the list of the specifications that the next smart watch of the apple company could have.

Little or no change in design

Everything we know (or think we know) so far
Everything we know (or think we know) so far

The renowned analysis firm KGI was responsible for filtering out a detail that many of us could have predicted: the physical design of the Apple Watch 2 could remain the same. According to the analyst, Apple could do the equivalent of an ‘iPhone S’ update, where the same physical design of the first watch is maintained, but the internal parts are significantly renewed .

A faster processor

Even if your design does not change, your specifications will receive some updates. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI, the company on the block may launch two new smartwatches this year. The first would be an update of the company’s original clock, but would include a faster processor (16 nm TSMC) . The other version we are talking about would be a minor update of the current model, and of course with a better processor.

GPS and cellular connectivity?

With the second generation of the Apple Watch we could receive two features very much expected by the users: the GPS and network connectivity . If the rumours are true, with the first of these specifications we notice that Apple could focus much more on physical activity, one of the most used qualities of the smartwatch. With GPS, more enthusiastic or professional athletes could use Apple’s watch to track and measure their workouts more accurately.

On the other hand, although many talk about cellular connectivity, even though Apple has been exploring this possibility, the technology is not yet mature to be used, since a cellular radio requires much more attention in terms of battery.

Submersible and with a larger battery

A couple of days ago we told you that a supposed photograph published on the Weibo social network shows us a 334 mAh battery that could belong to the Apple Watch 2 . This new specification would represent a small but significant improvement over the first generation smartwatch. According to the Weibo publication, the battery would be for a 42-millimeter smart watch.

Other improvements that the Apple Watch 2 is expected to bring are for example a coating to make the watch completely waterproof and not just splashproof, like the current version.

Will it arrive on September 7th?

At the moment we don’t have great details about the launches that Cupertino’s signature will make in his keynote on September 7th. It is likely that in addition to the next iPhone, the company will take the opportunity to introduce its new watches, that will come to market with the watchOS 3.0 operating system. For now we just have to make our bets while we wait for Apple’s presentation.

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