everything we know about him

The iOS-designed version of Nintendo’s legendary game, Super Mario, will be available to Apple device users starting this Thursday, December 15.

Before having it in our mobiles, the quality of this last product made between Nintendo and Apple is already taken for granted, highlighting its graphic quality and its adaptability to Cupertino’s devices, to provide a comfortable experience for users. Find out the details we know so far about Super Mario Run.

Features of Super Mario Run

everything we know about him
everything we know about him

Unlike the original version where you control the forward and backward movement, the dynamics of Super Mario Run is an automatic runner, which means that Mario will run on his own in different modes:

  • Normal mode: In this stage we will have 60 seconds to browse maps and obtain coins and other objects. In this mode there are six worlds, each with three levels for a total of eighteen screens.
  • The Toad Rally mode: With this mode we can play online with other competitors. The idea is to get more points and destroy the opponent in the least amount of time.
  • Build your kingdom: Like other mobile games, Super Mario Run has a menu to customize each game and build your kingdom by removing or adding buildings, which you get in return for coins.

While the game is designed to be played with one finger, it’s not all about running. There are other movements that allow you to go to the ground, jump backwards and other variables that I already know with the official release of the game.

To make the game more interesting, it is also full of challenges and puzzles, that allow players to get more coins. As each challenge is passed, more challenges are added.

To encourage players to explore the levels, each stage also comes with five pink coins that are especially difficult to collect. If you manage to catch them all, then you’ll move on to collect five purple coins in even harder to find places, which are then followed by huge black coins. The idea is that the coins will force you to play levels several times, mastering their various complexities.

Play Super Mario Run on iPhone and iPad

Until the day of its release, users have had the chance to try out the Super Mario Run demo at different Apple stores. Thus, it has been possible to check its playability, using only the thumb on the iPhone 7, as promised in the keynote of its presentation. On the iPad, it can be a little more difficult to get used to given the size of the screen, but after a few stories, the levels are a breeze.

Paying to play Super Mario RunSuper Mario Run is free to download, giving you access to all three levels of the first world. Although does not have micro-payments, does require a one-off payment of 9.99 euros to unlock the rest of the game.

Super Mario Run’s least appealing feature

As with any application we are always concerned about battery consumption. In the case of Super Mario Run it’s still early to know how much our load will be compromised, since we’ll need to test it in different situations and see how many hours it has us glued to our iPhone or iPad.

What we do know at the moment is that in order to enjoy the nostalgic game of Nintento we must have an Internet connection; not only when playing with other competitors but in general, since as Shigeru Miyamoto himself has stated, the measure has been considered:

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