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everything I do on the clock now thanks to the new Apple Watch S4

Besides being able to differentiate by the model of iPhone you have, I also like to differentiate iPhone owners depending on whether they also have an Apple Watch or not . The reason is because the watch adds several more factors to take into account, such as the management of notifications or all the monitoring of our health. This is an addition that should not be underestimated at all.

In my case I was one of those who bought the original model, now called Series 0, in June 2015. It was the first, the innovation, a new leg of Apple’s stool that even the company did not yet know how it was going to be sold. And that model lasted until now, in 2018, when I replaced it with a Series 4. And even my perception of the watch has changed with that leap .

everything I do on the clock now thanks to the new Apple Watch S4
everything I do on the clock now thanks to the new Apple Watch S4

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With the Series 0, because of its performance (and even more so as time went by), I was limited to using the Apple Watch for its most basic functions. Notifications, physical activity and at most managing the playback of the music that was playing on the iPhone. Nothing else.

However, with the Series 4 and despite my initial intention to continue using it in the same way as the Series 0, everything has changed. I used to avoid using applications in it because I considered them too slow, and now I am constantly consulting them . Maps, Podcasts with Overcast, Telegram, AppleTV Remote, HomeKit, Weather, Stock Market…

If you only use your Apple Watch Series 4 to manage notifications and record physical activity, you’re underestimating it

Suddenly there are a lot of applications that I no longer depend entirely on the iPhone to consult. Just by lifting my wrist I can quickly check if I’ve received new messages (or even answer briefly), I can get directions to where I’m going on foot, I can check quotes from various companies, or I can make quick phone calls.

The watch battery gives me for all that and much more, which at the same time brings me other benefits: I stop consulting the phone so much . That means more convenience in doing certain very frequent actions in my day-to-day life, and considerable battery savings on that same iPhone.

In addition, the Apple Watch is much less distracting because it does not have applications such as Instagram, YouTube or Twitter installed on it. Everything is much simpler. Before I take the iPhone to do something, I just ask the question of “can I do what I want to do with the Apple Watch?” And with the Series 4 I can answer yes many more times than with the Series 0.

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The credit goes mainly to the improvements in the new processor and the battery life. And as a user of the small model of the watch for having a very thin wrist, I also appreciate the effort of having reduced the frames in favor of a larger OLED display. In short, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a utility that goes far beyond a simple notification manager and personal trainer. If you use it just for that, you are underestimating it.