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Everything Apple can do to downsize Mac mini

¿Cómo podría ser el próximo Mac mini? El diseñador Louis Berger lo imagina en forma de “barra”

Most people did not have a renewal of Mac mini . The generation of the computer that is currently being sold uses hardware that is already four years old, and everyone wondered what Apple’s plans were for it after seeing Tim Cook say he wasn’t dead.

Everything Apple can do to downsize Mac mini
Everything Apple can do to downsize Mac mini

But leaving aside that old-fashioned hardware, one problem with Mac mini is that it no longer lives up to its name. 2018 is full of computers that are getting smaller and smaller, so Mac mini would have to renew its look to become truly ‘mini’ again . And there are quite a few ways to do that.

The first thing to do is to remove all the components that force the computer to increase its size . Mechanical hard disks and SSDs? Out. RAM modules? Goodbye. Let’s apply the same philosophy as with MacBook Pro: everything is welded to the motherboard, saving as much space as possible.

The motherboard of the 12-inch MacBook. Photo by iFixit.

How big could we get with that if we planned to keep the Intel processor and the orientation to users who don’t need great features? Well, we can look at the motherboard Apple has in the 12-inch MacBook, for example. According to WCCFTech’s measurements, it measures 11.68 x 3.81 centimetres . It is smaller than the motherboard of some Raspberry Pi models.

In that small area we have the processor, the graphics core, the storage and the RAM. The only thing that needs to be added are ports , and here we can’t skimp like in the MacBook: we have to connect the keyboard, mouse, screen and peripherals. But equally, the very existence of the Raspberry Pi mentioned above confirms that this is possible.

Building a Mac around the MacBook motherboard leads us to imagine a computer that can be slightly larger than the current Apple TV 4K . Same thickness, but slightly longer, and with the same engineering effort of using the computer’s own shape as a vent (something that was born with the current Mac Pro model).

Perhaps the challenge of retaining the adjective ‘mini’ in terms of dimensions is to do so in terms of price at the same time . And that also gives rise to another way of defending Mac mini by making its price prevail before renewing its appearance. In other words, apply the same philosophy as with the iPhone SE.

In other words: Apple can save all the data involved in redesigning a computer completely and simply keep the one it already has to put new hardware inside. This would lower the selling price a lot , which is precisely the approach the company has with that Mac mini. It would be something like a “Mac SE”. It’s not something I would rule out completely either.

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