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Everyone agrees that OS X Mountain Lion is a great upgrade

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Everyone agrees that OS X Mountain Lion is a great upgrade
Everyone agrees that OS X Mountain Lion is a great upgrade


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I can’t help but think that OS X Mountain Lion is probably one of the OS X updates that has caught my attention the least. A continuous evolution of the system that could be summarized in a couple of new applications and some extra features.

Unfortunately it seems that the “analysts” do not think the same and in the absence of a deep analysis of the final version by us, most of the American analyses put a high note to the system . Here are their first impressions:

  • Ars Technica. OS X is a platform in transition, and where Lion failed Mountan Lion goes back and tries again. It’s easy to see 10.8 as “what should have been 10.7”. The other side of this argument, is that we can think that together we have helped Apple to evolve 10.7 Lion to get a better performance in Mountain Lion.
  • Macworld. As everyone says, I find Mountain Lion to be a solid and stable version of the operating system. Even the system betas have always been, so I wonder if the new Apple planning will be to release small updates, with small problems or bugs, rather than big system updates loaded with problems.
  • The Verge. Right now the best thing you can do is spend 15.99 euros on the Mountain Lion upgrade, especially if you have a next-generation Mac, and at the same time win a lot of new features and everything will work better and faster. So far I haven’t missed Snow Leopard at all, and that’s even more interesting considering how much I hate Lion.
  • Engadget. The future is a single system, and that system is the union of iOS and OS X, a strategy that began with the arrival of the Mac App Store on Snow Leopard and the launch of Launchpad on Lion. Because when Apple launches its next system next year, we’re sure to see a very different side of OS X.
  • The Loop. Mountain Lion costs 15.99 euros and includes over 200 new features… it’s simply a bargain. Is it worth upgrading? Yes, it’s definitely worth it.
  • Gizmodo. If Apple doesn’t want Microsoft to steal the throne from the most innovative with Windows 8 and its new interface, Apple must get its act together with its interface mix between 80s products and full screen iOS-style applications.

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