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Evernote Web Clipper extension update

Evernote has presented us this week with the new version of its Clipper Web browser extension. It really needs a facelift. Although Chrome has been enjoying the update in Safari for a few weeks now, it hasn’t arrived yet. And the truth is, it’s worth the wait for both its new features and its interface.

Evernote has updated its Safari extension to incorporate all the changes it made with the Chrome version a few weeks ago. The big change starts with the interface redesign . It’s no longer a window that comes out of the button but now a panel that unfolds from the right side of the page, showing us all the functions at once.

Evernote Web Clipper extension updateEvernote Web Clipper extension update

The new ways to clip – or capture – are as follows:

  • Article: Capture the body of the article leaving the rest of it aside. We can use the arrow keys to select more or less if we have missed something along the way. This includes images, links and page styles.
  • Selection: If we have selected text, it highlights it and captures only that part. The interesting thing about this function is that it captures what is most relevant to you, but since it also captures the link to the website in the note you can always return to it.
  • Bookmark: Now the option to save the URL only no longer exists. Instead we’ll save a small piece of the page, as a preview, including of course the URL which is what we’re interested in this time.
  • Simplified: This function is basically Clearly. It’s the extension that Evernote brought us before for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that gutted everything that wasn’t relevant to a web page to leave us only with the article -text and images-. The same thing Apple does in Safari with the Reader. Finally we can also capture this view if we are only interested in what we see. Besides, they sell it to us as a Read It Later, which is not badly thought out either.

– Screenshot: Within the capture functions, screen captures come into play. A merger of your Skitch application . Now with this extension we can make screenshots of a web page and annotate directly on the page: text, arrows, marks, underline, pixelated… Everything we normally have in Skitch on Evernoete Web Clipper. This capture can be shared instantly to social networks or saved in our Evernote. It is important to emphasize that it does not capture the whole web, but what we are seeing at that moment.

Then after selecting the type of entry we want we can instantly share the content on social networks -Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn-, send it by email or copy the public link to the note. Quick actions you like: see something on the web, highlight it, mark it with a small note, and share it instantly. Great.

Finally we can capture it in our Evernote, this is the main objective of the extension. The title of the note is assigned automatically, just like the notebook and labels , but we can change it with a comfortable interface. It is also possible to add notes as before. As soon as the note is created we can add a Reminder if we wish.

Web Clipper para Chrome

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With this extension we will be able to capture everything we see on the web , now more easily and with a better final result. According to Evernote there’s still a lot to come, so we’ll keep waiting for more improvements.