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Evernote Adds a Subscription with Quality Features and a Lower Price

The renowned Evernote application adds a new Plus subscription type, for those users who want some of its best features, so far only from the premium version, but at a lower price and with some cuts. We tell you all the details about this Evernote Plus subscription.

Evernote Plus, more features, lower price

Until now the only versions of Evernote available were: the free version and the Premium version, with more features and costing 39.99 euros. The team has thought about the possibility of launching an intermediate subscription , which it has called Evernote Plus , with which users who choose to pay 19.99 euros per year, which is what this new subscription costs, get the same, or almost all, of the functionalities as the Premium users.

Evernote Adds a Subscription with Quality Features and a Lower PriceEvernote Adds a Subscription with Quality Features and a Lower Price

This has been achieved by limiting the amount of data that can be stored in the Plus version , to 1GB per month, with a maximum note size of 50MB and no more than 250 electronic runs per month. Some features of the more expensive version have also been left behind, such as the ability to search PDF files within Evernote and Office documents.

Evernote increases its price in some regions

In addition to this new subscription, the Evernote application has increased the price in some regions , including the United States. In Spain, it seems that the same annual costs are still being incurred, at least for the time being. If you are already paying for the subscription, the price will remain the same until next year, as announced by the app team.

So if you are already paying for a subscription, these changes will not take effect until your current contract ends, starting with the new prices from next year. It wouldn’t make sense to increase the price for something you’ve already paid, so we think that’s a plus for the Evernote team and a good thing.

Evernote improving day by day

A few months ago Evernote received an update which fixed some bugs found , including some blocking issues in iOS and caused some notes to go completely blank. In addition, the Work Chat function was added and the document recognition function via the camera was significantly improved.

On the other hand Evernote also introduced a new Scannable application for scanning documents . With it you can scan business cards, receipts and any other document you need, and then automatically cut and enhance it, resulting in sharper digital documents.

You can download the Evernote application from the App Store from the following button. Remember that there is a free version, with smaller storage and fewer options, which you can try out as a demo to see if it works for you.

We think it’s a great idea that the Evernote team has added a new Plus subscription, which we’ve learned about thanks to 9to5mac, with some of the features of the more expensive version, so they can attract a wider range of audiences, who may have found the Premium version too expensive or who weren’t going to take full advantage of it.

Have you tried Evernote yet? You can tell us your experience with the application.

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