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Evernote 8.0 for iOS is here, and with major improvements

Por qué, tras probar otras alternativas, he regresado a Evernote

What a rush Evernote had: first it raised the prices unilaterally limiting the functions of the free version, and then it made a mess of it by changing its conditions of use leaving the door open so that its employees could read our notes (although it later retracted this). It was time to reconcile with his users and he did it in the best way he knows how: by programming better software.

Evernote 8.0 for iOS is here, and with major improvements
Evernote 8.0 for iOS is here, and with major improvements

The popular note management application has received a major update to its iOS application, incorporating some improvements to the note format, but above all, significantly enhancing the user experience . Well, Evernote attaches so much importance to this new version that it speaks of “redesign” rather than of an update.

Evernote has set its efforts to improve this new version based on three elements:

  • Improve the search for notes
  • Make the entry of the same faster
  • Provide them with colors to facilitate reading

About the searches , although they have not transcended the details about what exactly they have touched in the engine, we can confirm that now the process of searching for any note or book is done at vertiginous speeds . In fact, it is almost immediate: as you type the characters, the search results appear.

Regarding the note entry , Evernote is now also much faster and more intuitive as the entry of new notes now starts from the bottom cross which by holding it down gives us the option to determine whether the entry is audio, photo or reminder (for text note entry just press the icon once).

But perhaps the most striking new feature is that Evernote 8 for iOS now allows to add color to texts , something that can be very interesting for those who work with the tool every day and in very long notes. The update is completely free and of course universal.

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