Evernote 5 for Mac now available for download from the Mac App Store


The new version 5 of Evernote is finally officially available. After releasing the Beta version, we now have available in the Mac App Store the renewed green elephant, which has become a must-have application on the Mac for users who value productivity when working with their computer. Loaded with many new features and with a major redesign, Evernote 5 has made a big leap in quality that will not go unnoticed by the most demanding users.

Evernote 5 for Mac now available for download from the Mac App Store
Evernote 5 for Mac now available for download from the Mac App Store

Although we recently informed you that the Beta of Evernote version 5 was already available for users who wanted to try it out, today the long-awaited news that the application for Mac is now officially available for purchase on the App Store. One week after landing on iOS, we have access to version 5 for Mac and believe me, the developers have done an outstanding job . In the team’s own words:

As there are so many new features in Evernote 5, we will list them by category.

Left sidebar

  • Shortcuts that are created by simply dragging and dropping notebooks or notes into the left panel of the application
  • Recent Notes function, which allows us to access the latest notes consulted
  • Organization by notebooks or labels for greater efficiency.

Searching and creating notes

  • Atlas function, which allows you to view the notes by geographical location
  • View of the notes as cards or as clippings
  • Possibility to create notes of the desired size
  • Full-screen notes to avoid distraction
  • Possibility to change the geographical location of the notes we have created.
  • New keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity
  • Shared Label, which lets you know at a glance which notes are shared with others
  • Plain text editing, which allows you to easily remove formatting and convert the information contained in the notes to plain text
  • New support for text bleeds
  • Added automatic geolocation in Atlas to notes created on the Mac

Smart Note Search

  • New predictive text function that activates auto-completion in the search bar
  • Differentiated search between personal and shared notebooks
  • Inclusion of search filters

Notifications and other improvements

  • Personal and shared notebooks are located in the same place
  • Full integration into the OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center
  • Possibility of adding the shared notes to the Stack
  • Correction of problems related to application stability
  • Faster and more reliable note synchronization process

As you can see, at Evernote has done an amazing job and it seems that the developers are totally determined to make their application one of the unmissable ones on our Mac. With me, they achieved this a long time ago. And you? Do you use Evernote?

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