Evernote 5 for iOS, renewing the design – right or wrong?


After the OS X beta was released and we saw how we can install it on our computer, now it is the iOS version that is available. Evernote 5 for iOS is updated too but is the redesign a mistake or a success?

The end of the new design

Evernote 5 for iOS, renewing the design – right or wrong?
Evernote 5 for iOS, renewing the design – right or wrong?

The idea of the developers with this new design was to make all the most important functions accessible in just two steps. But of course this is complicated. Firstly because as they say, the new interface must be adapted to users who organize everything in detail, even those who only take quick notes.

Hence the new interface that effectively makes it possible for us to introduce a new note quickly. Now, locating one of the already stored ones is another matter. Okay it looks fast but according to the volume of notes and notebooks stored.

The home screen

The new home screen has three icons at the top. Through them we can quickly create a note. The first one allows us to create a text note, the second one a snapshot and the third one to digitalize a text using the camera.

Next we have the new layout of Vistas. There we will see an option to access all our notes, another to access each notebook and then to search according to the labels used or places where we made the notes.

Opinion on the new interface and the application in general

If you ask different Evernote users you will probably find answers from the most disparate. From those who are very happy to those who think it’s nonsense. But let’s take a look at some of them. The app works great. It’s true that it’s much faster than the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Given that on a performance level, I think, no one will be able to say anything negative about the interface. I like it but with some nuances . I like the notebook view except for the detail of the booklets grouped under the same concept. I don’t know, but I would have used another kind of icon or display mode when we have several notebooks grouped together. It’s a detail of little importance but I didn’t like it. Then, depending on the user, there will be other themes that will be liked or not.

If the number of notebooks is not excessive I think the new interface is not bad at all. If, on the contrary, there are many and we have them grouped together, etc… then I’m already a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, despite some nuances, in general terms in a great update. The application goes very fast and on the iPad it wins a lot. And time will tell if it’s right or not.

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