European operators reluctant to use the new Apple SIM


During the presentation of the new iPad there was a feature announced that went quite unnoticed. We are of course talking about the Apple SIM, a “blank” SIM card that Apple wants operators to join to allow the user to choose the offers they want from each operator. The system for now will only be available in the United States and for some operators, but in Europe operators have begun to view with bad eyes the Apple SIM .

European operators reluctant to use the new Apple SIM
European operators reluctant to use the new Apple SIM

We must remember that this idea of the Apple SIM was already proposed by Steve Jobs with the first iPhone, but no operator got on the bandwagon alleging lack of interest for them. A representative of Telefonica has said that “They will analyze how the Apple SIM fits into our pricing strategy and offers in the coming weeks. In the same way, another representative of Orange commented that “They are observing the market reaction to the Apple SIM, and will draw conclusions in due course”

If we know how to read between the lines we can see that the operators are not in favour of using the Apple SIM at least, in principle. For a company to take control over its customers is a thorny issue, and even more so if that lack of control gives it easier access to offers from its competitors. Would a baker offer bread from another bakery on his shelves? Well, it’s the same example.

Still, the step that has been made since Cupertino by introducing the Apple SIM is very brave . We could refer to it as a pressure strategy thanks to its dominant position in the tablet and smartphone market and where customers will be the vehicle of that pressure, as we will demand this new feature in our offer.

Apple has announced that more operators are going to join the Apple SIM , and I am sure that the European MVNOs will be a group that will go head to head with Apple. We will have to see if the traditional operators give their arm or end up preferring to continue with their traditional strategy, which looking at the current scene seems not to be the future.


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