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Europe studies a universal cargo port, endangering the Lightning

The European Commission is considering the possibility of all smartphone manufacturers using a single port. According to MacRumors, this is because they aim to reduce waste and increase user comfort. European legislators will hold a debate in the next few hours to define whether all smartphones, tablets and other portable devices should have a standardized charging port , such as the USB-C, which would jeopardize the future of Apple’s Lightning.

In contrast, almost a year ago, Apple said that regulations that would require all smartphones to have the same charging port would “freeze innovation” , would be “harmful to the environment” and would be “unnecessarily harmful to customers” .

Europe studies a universal cargo port, endangering the Lightning
Europe studies a universal cargo port, endangering the Lightning

Apple’s position is justified because more than one billion of the company’s devices have been shipped using a Lightning connector , in addition to an entire ecosystem of accessory and device manufacturers that use Lightning to serve customers around the block.

“We want to make sure that any new legislation does not result in the shipment of unnecessary cables or external adapters with every device, or make obsolete the devices and accessories used by many millions of Europeans and hundreds of millions of Apple customers worldwide . , said Apple.

The company also indicated that this decision would result in an unprecedented volume of e-waste and would be a major drawback for users. Being forced to disrupt this large customer market will have consequences far beyond the targets set by the Commission.

Legislators are disappointed that manufacturers have not unified their ports

However, not all MEPs agree with the measure. According to a publication by the entity, several call for binding measures, ensuring that one type of charger is compatible with all portable devices . The previous approach of the European Commission was simply to “encourage” technology companies to develop a standardized solution, however this measure “did not meet the objectives of the co-legislators, the voluntary agreements between different industry players have not yielded the desired results” .

At AppleApple, the Lightning vs. USB-C war has ended and no one has noticed

A vote on the issue will be held in a forthcoming parliamentary session and if members decide that the policy should be regulated, this would force Apple to comply , as there is a possibility that it could be implemented on a voluntary basis, according to the European Commission.