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Eufloria HD for iPad, Between Floors Goes the Game

This time we bring you a very original game, with simple but beautiful graphics, focused on the detail and the fluidity of the elements that appear on screen. The game Eufloria HD for iPad and iPad 2 is the latest in evolutionary strategy, something that is not often found.

Eufloria HD iPad

Eufloria HD was the game of the week recently on the App Store. It is an incredibly addictive game of strategy, space exploration, conquest and evolution.

Eufloria HD for iPad, Between Floors Goes the GameEufloria HD for iPad, Between Floors Goes the Game

Explore a beautiful and complex universe rendered with unique colors and visual effects. Your mission will be to colonize asteroids and other bodies lost in space. Your colonizers: seeds, roots and stems of the strangest varieties of plants.

Your task will be to use the resources of the asteroid on which you want to settle to grow your plants . Later on you will have creatures flying around to do pollination and other processes to support your expansion.

Its interface is completely designed to be pleasant to play on an iPad. A 25-level story mode will guide you through the universe seeking to expand your species, following the purest evolutionary instinct.

Here you have the video of Eufloria HD for the Apple iPad:

Eufloria HD for iPad is a fun game with lots of details to enjoy. You will have to explore the galaxy and settle on asteroids, exploiting as much as you can its natural resources to grow your plants .