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Essential tools to keep a Mac clean and tidy

A Mac computer, although much more software optimized than Windows PCs, requires constant maintenance . We duplicate files ourselves, store unnecessary data, uninstall applications badly… All that has to be cleaned up every X time.

On the other hand, knowing the state of the computer is important for good maintenance. In addition, there are tools that help you optimize your work and the computer’s performance. So here are a total of six applications to improve your computer :

  • Barman: If you have a lot of applications running on your Mac menu bar, you may need to manage them. Barman allows you to hide some of the icons on the menu bar to simplify it. This is especially useful for those who have a laptop with a small screen and minimal space.
  • iStat Menus: iStat Menus is another application that works on the menu bar, its function is to offer you all the necessary information in real time about your computer. Used RAM, storage space, remaining battery…
  • Hazel 4: With Hazel you can automate various file organization tasks by creating rules. Hazel will constantly check the folders on your computer and if any files match any of the rules you have set up it will automatically run the measures you have set up.
  • CleanMyMac: Possibly the best tool for removing unnecessary files from the Mac. As its name suggests, it will do a thorough scan of your Mac and clean up everything that’s left over. You can take a look at the in-depth article devoted to it.
  • DaisyDisk: DaisyDisk provides an excellent display of the state of the existing storage spaces on the Mac. Not only do you visualize what type of disk it is and its available space, but also the largest files and the time they have been idle.
  • 1Password: The best password manager also has an application for the Mac, and it allows you to organize and securely keep all your important data, from a password to your passport or bank card details.
Essential tools to keep a Mac clean and tidy
Essential tools to keep a Mac clean and tidy

The question that arises is, why use one of these applications when I can really do everything from the system? Very simple, because most of them automate these tasks and save you time worrying about it all . They are small investments, which in the long run you will appreciate, and your computer too.

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