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Essential iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus Apps (MUST HAVE)

From apps goes the thing…

In the App Store we can find over 1 million different apps . There are very, very good apps, must-have apps and others that leave a lot to be desired. That’s why it’s important to try out different options and look for the ones that best suit us , our needs and, of course, our tastes.

Yet there are certain apps that virtually anyone can use. Apps that due to their functions are useful for almost any iPhone owner and that due to their good development should be installed in a terminal.

Essential iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus Apps (MUST HAVE)
Essential iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus Apps (MUST HAVE)

This is our list of must-have apps for the iPhone . This is a completely subjective list, so it’s possible that you would include a different app or remove one from the list. We’d love to hear from you to tell us which ones you think are basic and necessary and, by the way, what you think of our list and which ones you didn’t know. I’m sure there are some, although most of them are quite well known and popular.

Apps that can’t be missed on any self-respecting iPhone


In this list of essential applications for iPhone, Youtube could not miss. The video portal is known by everyone and thanks to its application we can enjoy at any time most of the videos published on it. In addition, it gives us access to functions such as rating the videos, putting comments, etc, etc. In the latest version available, Youtube allows us to continue browsing the portal while playing a video.


Many of you will know it well and for those who don’t, say that Evernote is the best substitute for a notebook that we can find for iPhone. In Evernote we can create text notes, include images, attach PDFs and other types of files. Everything we save in Evernote will be synchronized through the cloud and accessible from any device.


Passing data from a computer to an iPhone is not as easy as it should be, that’s why Dropbox is an app that can be great for us. Dropbox allows you to access a “folder” that is hosted in the cloud (i.e. on the Internet). In this folder we can save all our files and access them from anywhere. Thanks to the app, also from our smartphone.


Twitter is more fashionable than ever and although the official client for iOS has improved a lot, it is still far from reaching Tweetbot. This social network client has won over the critics and everyone seems to agree that it is the best Twitter client we can find in the App Store, and there are a few. Options such as mute users or even blogs, multiple notification options, “do not disturb” mode or the ability to use multiple accounts we love and could not live without them.


Like it or not, Facebook is the social network with the most users in the world. Everyone has an account on Facebook and if you want to access it from your iPhone, the official client is the best option. This does not mean that the app is a wonder; it has many bugs and in many occasions it is too slow, but with everything it is the best option we can find to access the social network. It allows us to update our status, publish photos, see updates and photos of our friends, access pages, groups, etc, etc…


Gradually Google+ is gaining relevance. Google’s social network is not as used as Facebook or Twitter, but it is gaining followers. The app for iOS allows access to almost all the functions of the social network and of course it allows us to view updates from our contacts, access our communities, publish photos and much more.


This is the instant messaging service par excellence. It has millions of users and although in the past it failed constantly, today it is quite stable and its operation could be said to be good. There are many other options available on the App Store, but at the moment WhatsApps is the one that rules, the one with the most active users and the one that looks like it will be difficult to replace.


LINE is possibly WhatsApp’s main and most direct competitor. Virtually all LINE users are also on WhatsApp, although you may have some contacts who are not. LINE, unlike WhatsApp, allows you to make voice calls over the Internet (free), send stickers (bigger and funnier emoticons) and other options that are not available from your main competitor.

Google Maps

In the past iOS included Google maps natively. Now this is not the case, as Apple has developed its own maps. For many these maps leave quite a bit to be desired, so Google decided to publish a new app with its maps. Google Maps for iOS works really well and offers most of the features that we find in the desktop version and also others like point-to-point navigation, to give an example.


When we go out for lunch, dinner or just for a walk this app can be very useful. Foursquare allows us to find out what different people think about a certain place, discover “tricks”, recommendations from the menu and even look at photos. Of course we can also collaborate and upload our impressions, tips, photos and more.


Let’s face it, we all like to post photos on the Internet for our friends to see, especially if we are doing something that might cause “envy”. Instagram is perfect for this, a very simple app that allows us to publish photos and share them in different social networks. In addition, before uploading them, we can make small adjustments to the photos or add filters to make them “special”.

Camera +

The Instagram filters are fine, but if you really want to surprise with your photos you need to have Camera +. This app lets you use advanced camera features not available in the native iOS app. Choose exposure time, set focus, apply filters, edit settings like brightness, contrast, and more.


An iPhone is a perfect device for consuming content on the move. Thanks to it, we can always keep up with the news that interests us the most and with Flipboard we can create a kind of magazine with the sources that interest us. Add your favourite blogs, your social networks, a section of a newspaper and you will have your own personalised means of communication. The information you want and when you want it.


Throughout the day we come across a lot of content that we may not be able to consume at the time. Videos, articles, images and many other contents pass in front of our eyes and we might be interested in saving some of them to watch them again more calmly. Thanks to Pocket you can save all the sites you want and return to them whenever you need to. In addition, the service is integrated with many applications, so you can send links to Pocket through them and then retrieve them from the official app.


How many times have you heard a song and wanted to know its name so you could look it up later? Thanks to Shazam you can know this and even buy the song directly from the application. Let Shazam “listen” for a few seconds to the song and he will tell you exactly the name of the song, its author and more information. Its database is impressive and the passage of time has made it a much better app than it was when it first appeared.


I’m a movie and series lover and, for me, this app is basic in my iPhone. Thanks to it, it is possible to access the largest database of films, series, actors and directors in the world. Complete distribution of the works, synopsis, photos and a lot of information.


With Remote, you can turn your iPhone into a kind of remote control for controlling the music playing on iTunes on a Mac or PC. It works over your local network and both your computer and smartphone need to be connected to the same network. It’s a great way to: skip songs, pause playback, change albums or artists, and more.


The iPhone’s native video app only allows playback of very specific formats. With VLC, this limitation will disappear completely, because like the Mac or PC version, it accepts virtually any video format. Sync your videos from your computer and play them with VLC without any problems.

You have a smartphone from the block and you don’t know any of these apps?

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