Eric Schmidt says that Google has won the mobile war on Apple

When Eric Schmidt gives an interview he usually doesn’t leave anyone indifferent with his statements. This time the executive president of Google assures that the war in the area of mobile devices is more than won by Apple. He bases this on the latest market shares of Android and iOS. Below we will see the statements he made regarding this issue and what he thinks about Google’s relationship with Cupertino’s guys.

In another extensive interview that Eric Schmidt granted to Bloomberg, the executive president of Google said that Google is winning the war against Apple in the mobile space -something that I see as quite logical considering that Apple offers two terminals to the market against the infinite Android terminals that we currently find for sale- due to the sales percentages of each operating system.

Eric Schmidt says that Google has won the mobile war on Apple
Eric Schmidt says that Google has won the mobile war on Apple

Bloomberg points to a Gartner study that states that Android’s market share reached 72% in the previous quarter, while iOS recorded just 14% of the market share, a share that has stagnated or even receded somewhat thanks to Android’s momentum.

The report notes that Google has gained confidence in its model of giving away Android to mobile phone manufacturing partners and relying on advertising, search and other services to generate revenue. Android’s flexibility has resulted in adoption by numerous manufacturers, producing significant diversity and market penetration for the platform.

Schmidt sat down with The Wall Street Journal for a similar interview – which we talked about in Applesence – in which he pointed out that Google and Apple have a special relationship. Schmidt pointed out at the time that Apple and Google would deal with their differences in “the adult way”, recognizing that they have important alliances in some areas although they have major problems and conflicts in other areas .

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