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¿Eres del pasado? Cómo conectar tu iPad a internet vía ethernet

Álvaro Cuesta

In the middle of the wireless communications era, of wifi becoming faster and faster thanks to the AC standard or data connections with the 4G at the head, one wonders what need someone might have to connect his iPad via ethernet , right?

¿Eres del pasado? Cómo conectar tu iPad a internet vía ethernet¿Eres del pasado? Cómo conectar tu iPad a internet vía ethernet

Well, the truth is that I can think of some scenarios in which having a cable connection would be very useful. For example, at fairs and press events. Or even in hotels that provide an ethernet connection but do not have wifi or it is of a more than dubious quality, both in terms of performance and coverage.

The possibility of connecting our iPads via network cable is not new . Some users have already tried it with satisfactory results. For most of them everything was more a curiosity than something to be exploited. And I say this because they were doing it to see what their iOS device could accept via a Lightning to USB adapter.

Exactly, to connect our iPad via ethernet we will need two products that Apple sells . On the one hand the Lightning to USB adapter and on the other the USB-Ethernet adapter. By linking both accessories we will be able to start.

Once both are connected, all we have to do is activate the plane mode and make sure we have the wifi option turned off. That’s it, iOS detects and gives internet connection. So it’s just a matter of logging into Safari or any other application and continuing to use it.

The only point to note is that you will need to connect the USB to ethernet adapter to a powered HUB . Because the power supplied by the iPad through its Lightning connector is not the same as a Mac, it is not enough. Ah, and this is also completely valid for the iPhone. But if there’s one device that can take advantage of this option, it’s definitely the iPad Pro.