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Enrique Atienza becomes director of Apple Retail

Enrique Atienza comes to Apple after many years serving at Levi Strauss as senior vice president of physical store operations. He will now join the Californian company and has been hired as director of Apple Retail, as indicated in his LinkedIn profile. Thus, his responsibility will fall directly on Steve Cano, who will in turn serve under Tim Cook.

That’s how we heard the news a few minutes ago. Cupertino’s company has hired Enrique Atienza from the famous clothing brand Levi Strauss . He will take on the role of director of the retail market.

Enrique Atienza becomes director of Apple Retail
Enrique Atienza becomes director of Apple Retail

At Levis, Atienza served as senior vice president of global physical store operations , according to a Levis spokeswoman. She also confirmed the departure of the company’s executive, but did not want to give details of the reasons for his departure.

But this does not replace him as John Browett’s successor, as the latter was senior vice president while Atienza is only a director. Moreover, according to sources he will only be in charge of some regions on the west coast of the United States , and probably, if he performs well, he will be promoted until Tim Cook lets him take the helm of Apple’s delicate retail division.

I’m fine with this small-scale hiring, and that he first learns Apple’s values before he has the power to move things around as Browett did . Tim Cook is now walking on eggshells and doesn’t want to leave this job to just anyone.

But Atienza is not leaving Levis anymore, as he has to finish his contract, and although he has already signed with Apple, he does not start with the Californians until October . This is how he describes his work at Levis:

Enrique was not the only candidate to be considered, as there were even others possible within Apple itself, such as Steve Cano , who has often been compared to Apple Store pioneer Ron Johnson, who was promoted to Vice President of Retail Operations earlier this year. Cook rules over Cano, and Cano rules directly over Atienza.

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