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Enjoy the beauty of this game: Robot Unicorn Attack 3

This game, developed by [adult swim], consists of running with your robot unicorn, ramming the crystal stars and, according to the title, against enemies while accumulating fairies. This has not changed in Robot Unicorn Attack 3, only that the enemies are more frequent.

Are you prepared to crush those who would stand in your way in the name of rainbows and sugar-coated dreams? Then let’s get on with it, because here are some good things for you to do during the game.

Collect from your vault

Enjoy the beauty of this game: Robot Unicorn Attack 3Enjoy the beauty of this game: Robot Unicorn Attack 3

The Citadel Vault will slowly start to fill with Tear Stones (the game currency) over time, but you can’t take anything until it’s full. The stone coin you will win is needed to upgrade your army of horned horses, so don’t neglect it.

Use Forge when you can

You can spend 200 teardrop stones at a time to randomly draw a unicorn (usually common and occasionally rare), use 20 soul crystals (premium coin) to draw a unicorn (usually rare), and so on.

Manage your stable.

You can only accommodate a few unicorns, so you’ll have to deal with the duplicates you end up with quite often. Unnecessary unicorns can be used to increase the level of another unicorn , and duplicates can be merged with any duplicate to increase the maximum possible level of that unicorn.

Going on raids

You can send unicorns on raids to earn extra money. However, different raids require different unicorn rarities , so you may not be able to assign a horse to all of them. Raids also require a certain amount of real time to complete, so you probably don’t want to send any of the unicorns from your running team.

App Store Game Notes

Behold the glorious return of glittering annihilation to the small screen; Unicorn Attack Forever Robot! Charge against the shining stars, now with a team of three rammers at your fingertips . It gallops infinitely towards the afterlife, running over golden fairies to unleash Radiant Starburst mode.

Build a citadel from the tears of your past failures, and put up stables to welcome more dazzling allies. Send your magnificent fleet to make raids to obtain piles of glowing soul crystals . Recycle these damned souls in the mystical forges to summon new unicorns to accompany you in your unstoppable purple war!

  • Choose three allies to gallop alongside you until your final explosive arrives.
  • Collect tears to build the mighty citadel you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Melt unicorns you don’t want and use their material to create improvements.
  • Send the unicorns in your stables for exceptional rewards.
  • Participate in long term events and get mountains of loot.
  • Summon legendary unicorns from any of the three heavenly forges.

If your world is one of fantasy and you have ever dreamt of this kind of mythological animal, this is your game. We assure you that you will have a good time with him .