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Enjoy classic novels in a whole new way with Instagram

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Las novelas, serán divididas en varias partes para poder cumplir con las limitaciones de Instagram, y las diferentes partes se irán publicando de forma regular. Por ejemplo, mañana estará disponible la parte 2 del libro de Lewis Carroll. Así, las redes sociales contribuirán a promover la lectura de algo más que el estado de nuestros amigos y familiares.

Enjoy classic novels in a whole new way with Instagram
Enjoy classic novels in a whole new way with Instagram

Reading a book is one of those experiences that, in some way, help you to better understand the world around you , through a completely different perspective, which sometimes involves travelling to other universes with your imagination. No matter what format you do, it will always provide you with a small piece of the puzzle you need to solve to understand not only the author, but also those who are somehow linked to his work.

For many, there is nothing like reading in physical format, feeling with our own hands the weight of the book and the touch of each page that composes it. For others, convenience is everything, and they prefer a digital experience that allows them to access a variety of options without having to wait, like Apple Books. Now, a perfect alternative arrives for those who have never been too attracted by the previous ones, but who wouldn’t say no to spending the afternoon on Instagram .

The New York Public Library, or NYPL, has worked with the advertising agency Mother to bring its Instagram fans several classic novels through their stories. So-called Insta Novels can be read anywhere, whether you’re a NYPL member or not, making reading even more accessible. You will only need to access the collections of the profile, where the different novels will be published, being the first Alice in Wonderland.

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