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Enjoy Amazon Music for free soon

Amazon wants to carve out a niche for itself in the music streaming industry currently led by Spotify. Amazon’s latest move is to allow iOS users, among others, to listen to music for free in exchange for listening to advertising through its Amazon Music application. This free level was only available on the Amazon Echo but they have finally decided to expand it to more platforms.

Spotify right now also includes the ability to listen to free music in exchange for holding on to the advertising that sometimes goes on forever. This strategy has been borrowed by Amazon for its own platform creating greater competition as all users will be able to try out this service for free. It should be noted that this free level is currently only available in the USA, UK and Germany but in the coming weeks or months it will surely expand to other countries such as Spain.

Enjoy Amazon Music for free soonEnjoy Amazon Music for free soon

As we were saying, Spotify has been offering this level of free music for years and now with the arrival of Amazon Music, the question arises for all of us… And will Apple Music’s songs be free in exchange for advertising? Since Apple they have never been too much in the mood for what the competition is doing, although right now they are offering free trials to users of their music service. This can also be a tremendously interesting strategy that will end up bringing new subscribers to the table.

We think that putting ads in the middle of a playlist is not something that goes with Apple, since obviously it clouds the user experience when an ad appears between two songs. The company prefers to offer a quality service even if you have to pay a subscription in exchange, since they know that if you’re in the ecosystem you’ll probably end up paying for it. But they should not lose sight of the competition that is quite strong being Spotify the absolute king for obvious reasons.

From Amazon they want users to try their service and if they like the experience they will end up subscribing to enjoy all the benefits that the next level gives us. This happens with Spotify, as many of us subscribe to avoid having to listen to ads on a platform we use many hours a day.

In addition, Amazon is now also offering 4 months of subscription for one euro, which is also arguably an almost free trial period. You can take advantage of this subscription here.

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