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Enabling the Bookmarks Bar in Safari for iPad

If you frequently visit several websites during the day, you’ll probably want to activate the Bookmarks Bar in Safari for iPad , which will be very useful.

The favorites bar could be determined as a shortcut to our recurring pages. Where besides having it in the own column of Safari , it offers us the possibility of having it to a single “tap” in a permanent way.

Enabling the Bookmarks Bar in Safari for iPad
Enabling the Bookmarks Bar in Safari for iPad

This bookmarks bar will always be visible on your Safari screen, no matter what websites you visit, even if you visit them in private mode .

Well, the bookmarks we have as favorites in Safari, will be saved in our iCloud account, so we will have it available in both the macOS and iOS versions. Without having to add one by one, to activate the bar on the iPad we have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to iOS Settings
  2. We enter Safari
  3. Activate “Show Favorites Bar”

That’s it, from now on, if we go into the Safari application we’ll see that just below the search bar we’ll have our web pages placed in the same order as they are in the Bookmarks column.

To modify this list, simply enter the Favourite Bookmarks column . If we leave it pressed in any direction, it will allow us to change its position. By default it will be in order of age, from old to modern.

The number of places we can see in the Safari Bookmarks Bar for the iPad depends on the name we give to our bookmarks , and of course also on the width of our iPad . If we have a 12,9″ iPad in landscape mode, we will have a wider view of the recurrent places than if we do it on a mini iPad in portrait mode.

If we want to change or modify the name to our bookmarks, we will have to resort to macOS, since on the iPad it is currently not possible. Once we change it, it will automatically update on the other devices.

What do you think of this iPad Safari option? Will you be using it from now on?

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