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Enabling Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 13

iOS 13 has not only incorporated an interesting dark mode, or better photo editing tools as well but has also included a new feature in the ‘battery health’ section that has caught our attention. After testing it for several days in the first beta for developers we have seen the benefits it has and in this article we tell you exactly what it is.

Apple suffered a small bump a few years ago due to the performance of their computer batteries, and since then they have wanted to incorporate new tools at the software level to prevent the degradation of their batteries.

Enabling Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 13Enabling Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 13

In iOS 13 we have found the function ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ that seeks to prevent the degradation of the battery over time so that the life of the battery would be extended. This function is based on the fact that the iPhone will learn from our charging routines , i.e. it will detect when we normally connect the iPhone to the electrical current which will normally be at night and when we disconnect it.

This fact of knowing our charging routines, will allow the iPhone to better manage the battery levels because when we start to recharge our iPhone it will do so normally up to 80% when it will automatically stop charging. It will resume when we are shortly after disconnecting our iPhone and start using it, so that it is fully charged.

The clearest example is that when we go to bed at 12 o’clock at night we connect the iPhone to recharge and at about 1:30 o’clock at night the charge stops at 80%. If we normally get up at 6 am, the iPhone will activate the charge again at about 5 am so that when we wake up we have the iPhone fully charged.

This will cause the battery to be deprived of power for many hours at a time unnecessarily, something that affects your health. The truth is that we have tested this function these last days and we are quite satisfied with its performance as it detects quite accurately when we are going to use the iPhone again finding it always with a full charge.

Apple defines this function as follows:

To reduce battery damage, iPhone learns from your daily charging habits to charge the battery to 80% and finish charging when you go to use it.

To activate the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ function you must follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Battery Settings.
  2. Enable the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ option so that your iPhone can learn from your charging habits.

For us, this is a feature that you should always have active on your iPhone to prevent your battery health from dropping much faster than normal. With it, you can take care of your device’s battery without even noticing it.