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Enabling Flash to Record Video in iOS 8 (iPhone)

One of the strongest points of the Apple mobile phone is its large camera, even more so in the case of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. They have become the main tool when taking all our photos and even videos. For the latter, the camera of Cupertino’s terminals, are also really useful because they are able to record videos at 1080p with a really good quality. The phablet of the apple even includes an optical stabilizer , which allows us to make recordings in motion with a really amazing quality.

If there is any aspect where the iPhone 6 camera is loose, that is the application that controls and gives us access to the terminal’s camera. We’re not going to complain, because it really works well, but we feel it’s a little simple and lacks the utilities that would allow us to get much more out of it. This is even more noticeable in video recording where we miss, for example, being able to activate the flash to record with enough light when the environment lacks it . But let’s not worry too much, once again the Jailbreak gets us out of this predicament with one of its useful tweaks.

Enabling Flash to Record Video in iOS 8 (iPhone)Enabling Flash to Record Video in iOS 8 (iPhone)

As we said before, we can’t complain about the application that allows us to take pictures and videos on our iPhone 6, but we do find it a bit simple in terms of functionality although, as we saw, there are some tricks to get the most out of the terminal’s camera. Something that we often need is to activate the flash to record when the light conditions of the environment are not exactly as they should be and the lighting is poor.

The iPhone 6, by default, does not allow us to carry out this function but, once again and thanks to the Jailbreak, we can install a tweak from Cydia that will open this possibility. The utility in question is called Record ‘n’ Torch and works in a really simple and effective way. Its function is simple, to illuminate the scene to take higher quality videos, just like that. What is really interesting about this tweak is that, besides doing what we say, it allows us to activate the flash once we have started recording . So if we start recording and realize that we have low light, we can activate the LED on the iPhone 6.

Record ‘n’ Torch is available in the official Cydia repository for free, as we know from Redmond Pie. So if you want to try it out you can do so without worrying about anything. We really think that this is a really useful tweak and that it fills a gap that, although perhaps not too noticeable, makes the experience when recording video with iPhone 6 not as good as we would like . We hope that in future versions of iOS this utility will be officially implemented.

Do you know any tweaks that do the same function? Do you find that useful?