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emergency relief

Over the past few weeks, Apple has been on the fast track in terms of medical support functions. This is all because of the terrible coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing a significant number of countries around the world. With the latest iOS 13.5 beta released recently, a new feature has been introduced that will be very helpful in emergencies.

iPhone and Apple Watch in emergencies

As you probably already know, in the Health app it is possible to add medical data on the iPhone. Aspects such as weight, height, previous conditions, and emergency contacts can be very useful in cases of medical emergencies. It is true that this is more widespread in the United States than in countries like Spain, but the truth is that it is very useful for users in crisis situations as well as for health professionals.

emergency relief
emergency relief

If we also have an Apple Watch linked to the iPhone we can find another functionality that works for both devices and that is related to the emergency calls. On a recent iPhone, if you press the volume and off buttons at the same time, you’ll see the options to turn off the phone accompanied by two options: to view medical data and to make calls to your emergency contacts. The same thing happens on an Apple Watch when the side button is pressed.

Functionality merger

A new feature has been added to the latest iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5 betas, merging the two emergency options discussed above. This new feature allows users to connect both functions so that when making an emergency call, the receivers can also view the medical data.

This is extremely useful if you have your emergency health service calls set up, as the doctors who come to your assistance will be able to know in advance what your conditions or possible drug allergies are. It is true that all this comes at the height of the COVID-19, but it does not seem to be a transitory function, but will remain because of its great usefulness in other emergency cases.

With this, Apple once again demonstrates its commitment to health . In fact, your Apple Watch is already much more focused on wellness in the area of physical activity and health than on being a simple device for receiving notifications and performing other actions typical of smart watches.

Final versions will arrive soon

The betas process Apple is running with iOS 13.5 is a bit confusing. It was first called iOS 13.4.5 when there had not even been any intermediate versions between 13.4.1 and this one. A week ago the name was changed and last Wednesday we received the fourth beta accompanied by other operating systems such as Apple Watch, Mac, iPad and Apple TV.

Apple usually releases 4 or 5 test versions of its operating systems before making the public release of the final version. With this in mind we might be only one or two weeks away from all users receiving the update on their computers. In addition to this new feature, they also incorporate other interesting ones such as the possibility of facilitating the unlocking of an iPhone by wearing a mask.

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