Emails from Tim Cook and other CEOs could be investigated in the US

Almost a year ago we learned that the trial against Apple for alleged monopoly in its App Store was beginning in the United States. This type of practice is being heavily investigated lately around the world. It is understandable that big companies are investigated when there are suspicions of wrongdoing, however, we have some controversy about some of the investigations that are being asked for, such as the e-mails from Tim Cook, among others. This has been requested recently according to The Wall Street Journal.

Being a company that generates millions of dollars a year means that all your actions are scrutinized by the competent authorities. Unfortunately, on many occasions this has been done for good reason when one of them has broken a law for its own benefit. This time we find that four of the largest companies in the world , based in the United States, are being investigated for alleged monopolistic practices .

Emails from Tim Cook and other CEOs could be investigated in the US
Emails from Tim Cook and other CEOs could be investigated in the US

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet are under scrutiny in the United States, proof of which is that the House Judiciary Committee has recently requested access to the emails of the CEOs of these companies. Tim Cook , as CEO of Apple, would be one of those involved.

What Congress wants to know from Apple is everything related to the App Store , and therefore to be able to access Cook’s emails, including personal communications and searches . While we understand the need to move forward with investigations, we believe that going to the point of violating a person’s privacy is excessive, whether it be Tim Cook or the other executives involved from Apple and other companies.

We do not know whether Apple or any of the other companies will eventually agree to release the required information to the United States Congress. In any case, it does not seem to be an obligation but a request for the time being. Knowing that this matter is somewhat sensitive and that justice is slow to move, it is likely that it will be several months before we have new information on this matter.

It should be noted that in the specific case of the App Store, an Apple applications store accused of monopoly, has recently been redesigned with the aim of creating a level playing field between all applications when users search.

Precisely in relation to the App Store, we learned today about a new facility offered by Apple to users who have not been able to pay for a subscription app. This means that users can continue to enjoy the benefits of a subscription for a certain period of time even if the payment method has failed, although Apple will obviously continue to try to collect the subscription during that period.

We will continue to report on this matter as new information becomes available, although as we said in previous paragraphs, it is likely that time will pass without new information.

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