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Eliminate waste and free up space on your iPhone or iPad with iMyFone, get it free now!

It’s very common to end up with the iPhone full of junk files , even though when it’s released we try to keep it clean. To get rid of all that’s left on the device, we have such useful tools as iMyFone , a simple and effective solution.

In December we talked to you about what this program can do. At that time it was on Christmas promotion, but now offers free licenses on the occasion of its second anniversary.

Clean up the trash on your iPhone or iPad with iMyFone

Eliminate waste and free up space on your iPhone or iPad with iMyFone, get it free now!
Eliminate waste and free up space on your iPhone or iPad with iMyFone, get it free now!

With the intensive use we make of our mobile devices, they have become large drawers in which we store memories in the form of photos and videos, for example. However, it’s inevitable that some files we don’t want are saved . That’s why the storage capacity is often misused.

The iMyFone software is a solution developed by Umate that offers a cleaning service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch , with intuitive and secure operation, from the Mac or the Windows PC . It features such useful options as junk file removal, including cookies , temporary files, cache and error logs. It also allows to free up space by searching for corrupt files .

In addition, we can delete the photographs from the reel that we do not want to store, or reduce their size with a lossless compression , while keeping the originals via backup on the computer. Another very useful feature is uninstalling and removing applications we no longer use . This is very simple, as iMyFone detects and suggests which apps take up the most space and are used the least.

After installing iMyFone on the computer, we found an intuitive interface, with a side bar containing the cleaning options. With this software we will have full control to be aware at all times of what we are deleting from the device . Thanks to this tool, we can free up a lot of space on the iPhone and optimize its performance.

Get free iMyFone

The price of this program is approximately 19 euros ($19.95), but Umate wants to celebrate its two-year anniversary and that’s why we can get the license completely free and forever . Just go to their website and follow the simple steps they indicate.

In addition, to backup conversations and files from the world’s most popular messaging application, we also have the “iPhone WhatsApp Recovery” software . It costs approximately 29 Euros, but we can get it for free . It’s a limited promotion until the 12th of this month of March, so take advantage of it now!

Get iMyFone for free