El terror llega a OS X con el 7º invitado y la 11ª hora

The 11th Hour (8,99 euros)

Y el ofertón de esta semana es…Batman Arkham City

Another week where we bring you the best of Steam. This time, we focus on horror classics. These are, The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. In our weekly offer, we go to the worlds of Batman, where we will have to defend the values of good and justice by helping the Dark Knight with a 75% discount. Enjoy, players!

El terror llega a OS X con el 7º invitado y la 11ª hora
El terror llega a OS X con el 7º invitado y la 11ª hora

Last week we dedicated our article to two games with totally spatial setting . The ones chosen and available for OS X users on Steam were Planetary Annihilation and Space Hulk. This time, we go to the horror genre , with two classics that gave a lot to talk about at the time of their launch. These are, The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour . Welcome to La Semana on Steam!

The 7th Guest

Our first game today is The 7th Guest. We have to go back to the year 1993 when Virgin Interactive launched this game to the market . It is a graphic adventure with a high horror content . As an anecdote, we read that it was one of the first games to be distributed on CD.

We are invited to the mansion of Henry Stauf, a famous creator of toys and puzzles . Everything was going well, until many of his clients died due to a dangerous virus , which made the master retreat to his mansion. Some time later, six people were invited to this mansion and were never heard from again .

Now we are the seventh guest, the one who through the 22 rooms of the house will have to solve puzzles, enigmas and mysteries to clarify what happened with those six guests and with Henry Stauf himself. Watching where you walk, mysterious lights and shadows run through the house. It is up to you to put an end to this nightmare .

Steam The 7th Guest (8.99 euros)

The 11th Hour

As a second game, we find The 11th Hour , the sequel to the previous view. We go back in time to 1995, when Virgin Interactive launched this horror adventure sequel. This time, the game was developed by the guys from Trilobyte .

We focus on the same mansion as Henry Stauf, 60 years after the events that occurred in The 7th Guest. We will have to put ourselves in the shoes of Carl Denning, a researcher and journalist who studies mysterious events. On this occasion, the case becomes personal since Robin Morales, producer of the program and girlfriend of the protagonist, disappeared while he was in the middle of an investigation .

In the beginning, Carl Denning receives a laptop computer that allegedly belongs to his partner. Inside is a set of data that will take him to the master toy maker’s mansion . Again, that mansion, puzzles, enigmas and secrets hidden all over the house that we will have to solve in order to clarify everything that happened in that house . Go inside the mansion! Don’t be afraid! .


And as a third game, we bring you the super offer of the week . This time, we bring you a game that has been affected by a 75% discount from its usual price. This is, Batman: Arkham City .

The game places us in the world of Batman. We are going to Arkham City , a city of maximum security where the thugs and bad guys of all Gotham City reside. In this game we can see all the main antagonists of the saga as it could be the Joker or Enigma.

We will put ourselves in the skin of the Dark Knight , distributing justice throughout the city . We will have to dismantle a whole plot of evil and Machiavellian acts that is attempting to be carried out in the shadows of this city.

Steam Batman: Arkham City (5.25 euros)

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