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El producto más exitoso de Apple en 2012

One more day we turn our heads to the past to remember the best of Apple in this 2012. Today we are talking about the most successful product of Cupertino’s (not the best), which for me has been the iPhone 5. And you, what do you think has been the most successful product of Apple in 2012? Will Apple continue innovating in its mobile phone in this next 2013? Or on the contrary, will it limit itself to making minor improvements?

And one more day we return with the best of 2012, today talking about Apple’s most successful product in this year that is now ending and will make way for 2013, where we expect to see many new surprises from Apple.

El producto más exitoso de Apple en 2012
El producto más exitoso de Apple en 2012

Without a doubt, for me the most successful product (not the best) from Apple in this 2012 has been the iPhone 5 , standing out from all the others.

Cupertino’s phone was a resounding success, with 2 million sales in the first 24 hours and more than five million in the first weekend.

Screen magnification and processor enhancements

The screen increase proved to be a great success for many users, making it equal to many of its big rivals, while allowing for one more row of icons on the main terminal screen. With this increase, a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio was also achieved.

On the other hand, Apple equipped iPhone 5 with a superior processor, the A6.

Camera and data connection enhancements

The camera is widely used today in smartphones , and that is why Apple did not want to be left behind in this aspect. To achieve this, increased the resolution to eight Megapixels in the rear camera and up to 720p in the front , designed to be used with FaceTime, which can now also be used on 3G or LTE networks.

It also added the ability to take panoramic pictures without the need for third-party applications.

On the other hand the data connection got support for LTE networks , which implies an increase in speed in those countries where this technology is implemented.

The extinction of the 30-pin connector and the birth of iOS 6

Apple has once again boasted the world’s most advanced operating system (although not everyone agrees) with improvements that have not been a major innovation in the field of smartphones.

Finally, the iPhone 5 ended up with the 30-pin connector to switch to the new Lightning connector , with only 8 pins , as well as being reversible.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 has been the most successful product and has caused the most commotion in this 2012 that it now leaves us. What will we see next year? There is only one thing we can do to know: wait.

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